The Salinas Valley Ford Sustainability Promise:

The team at Salinas Valley Ford pledges to be good stewards of the environment and will work together to:

     Recycle materials appropriately in all departments.

     Conserve natural resources by reducing, reusing, and recycling materials and energy

     Comply with all environmental laws and regulations and other requirements related to our business operations

     Remain conscious of our carbon footprint and constantly try to reduce it

We run Salinas Valley Ford while keeping the beautiful natural resources of the Salinas Valley and great Central Coast in mind. We continue to improve our performance in relation to the environment.  In 2021 we installed solar panels on our roof to coincide with Ford's announcement of the 100% Electric F-150 Lightning.

Along with Ford's dedication to electric, SV Ford strives to be a leader in environmental guidance for all dealerships and businesses. Salinas Valley Ford continues to work and improve the entire dealership as it relates to all things sustainable. We've adopted policies that have lowered our energy use and expanded our recycling efforts.  We promote sustainable practices in everything we do, both at the dealership and in our lives outside of work. It's just the right thing to do.

SV Ford's model is focused on these important 4 Pillars: 

1)    Thinking Sustainably: This includes corporate objectives and focus on sustainable practices.

2)    Acting Sustainably: Broad view of actionable strategies - facilities, fixtures, packaging, and more.

3)    Selling Sustainable: Extent to which sustainable products and services are promoted and sold.

4)    Conveying Sustainability: Lead by example, and communicate our sustainable commitment.

Solar Panel Install Gallery